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Alllu VehiGo, the World's First Quick Charge Foldable Electric Scooter

For a long time, we have been considering the future of transportation and thinking about varied potential possibilities. Besides, we've been exploring and trying through technology. Hence, we have developed VehiGo.

Full charge in 15 min

VehiGo Swift is equipped with innovative overspeed charging. This small travel tool takes the initiative to realize overspeed charging; only the charging for 15 mins could allow it to be fully charged and run for 20km, so your freedom will not be limited by battery capacity.
 *Quick charging function is only limited to VehiGo Swift.
15 min
Full Charging Time
20 km

Advanced intelligence, Just in your palm

Smart Switch
NFC electronic key or App
can be adopted to control
the on-off of power lock
Electronic Fence
VehiGo can be set with
 one point as the center
to limit the driving range
Shooting and Sharing
Using the equipped front camera
to record what you see on the
way, and share it by App
Guard Against Theft
Burglar alarm can be set
to effectively prevent burglar
through a six-axis gyroscope
Location and Search
Searching the location of
VehiGo through App and
controlling search bell
Making Friends on the Way
You may exchange contact
information with strangers who
are also driving VehiGo

Easy to use, Free to operate

Differential balance could allow VehiGo to respond to environmental details in a smart way and coordinate with body actions. Whether you are taking a sudden turn quickly or on a rugged road, VehiGo could complete the challenge perfectly.

Performance first, Safety foremost 

Through a series of innovative designs, including differential balance, we finally have the possibility to adopt a safer and more reasonable triangular design. Not only reduces the risks of side turnover,  but also avoids obstacle in driving more easily. To enhance the safety of VehiGo, we adopt more considerable designs in more aspects.
Double drum brake
Effective braking 
High-performance tyre
Discharge water and grab the ground
IP65 grade waterproof
Suitable for both rainy and snowy days
high-brightness LED light
Ensure the safety in a night drive
Design of hook
Error touch of handlebar bag prevented
BMS battery protection
Safe charging
Always wear a helmet on the way
Easy to drag in anywhere

Fold, Unfold, So easy

We have designed a new standard for “portable property”, in order to meet increasingly more changeable traffic transfers. With the idea of second-level folding, VehiGo may be reduced to 1/3 and easily dragged into metro or put in the trunk.
  • Fold
  • Unfold

Smart, also a performance monster

VehiGo adopts powerful motor, which enables VehiGo to run smoothly. VehiGo adopts
250W  high-performance hub motor,   which may easily drive the quick start of VehiGo
depending on its powerful torque output. Manned VehiGo could accelerate to maximum
speed just in 6.8s.
30 km/h
Max Speed
20 km
Climbing Angle

Quality and service are both top things
that we pay attention to

365 Days Guarantee

We promise to offer one-year free exchange service. If VehiGo has any quality problem within the period, it can be exchanged for a new one.

Lifelong Tech Support 

For each VehiGo user, we would offer lifelong technical support. Alllu product experts will assist you to check and regularly maintain VehiGo.